Take the Proper Steps for Secure Dog Walking Experiences

On March 30, commemorate Take a Walk in the Park Day with your furry friend! But don’t let potential dangers ruin this special day. While you and your pet are strolling around, make sure to remain aware of any possible risks that may come up.


#1: Other dogs

When two pooches meet, the result could be disastrous – especially if either one is easily agitated and manages to slip out of their collar. Even well-intentioned off-leash pups may seem intimidating as they bound up to greet them; so always keep an eye on your pet’s body language for signs of distress or agitation. It would also be wise to steer clear of overcrowded dog parks during peak hours in order to dodge a possible confrontation between multiple canines.


#2: Traffic

When making your way to the park, be aware of all traffic – bicycles, cars, and pedestrians. Make sure that you keep a firm hold on your pet’s leash so as not to cause any accidents. A retractable or long leash can be disastrous if left unlocked; in an instant, it could potentially get wrapped around people passing by or pulled when trying to catch an animal like a squirrel resulting in possible choke hazards for both yourself and your pet – possibly even causing the tethering device itself to break!


#3: Parasites

Park havens can be the perfect home for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and intestinal parasites- since they all seek to prey on unsuspecting victims. Ensure your beloved pet isn’t one of them by consistently giving preventives every year, and always check from head-to-tail when you return home in order to catch any unwanted bugs.


#4: Wildlife

As your pup explores the park with their nose, they may come across a variety of wildlife habitats such as burrows and nests. Although most wild animals will flee when encountering humans and furry friends alike, some may aggressively protect their young or food source if approached too closely. For this reason, it’s best to leave them undisturbed since many are carriers of diseases or parasites that can be transmitted to our pets.


If you and your furry companion love the great outdoors, make sure they are safe from any health issues with regular preventive care. Schedule an appointment for your pet’s wellness check today by calling our team!