3 Strategies For Healing After the Departure of a Beloved Pet

When a cherished pet passes, the profound pain, and sorrow you feel is devastating. Pets are absolutely irreplaceable members of our family who play an incalculable role in our lives. Managing your grief during this difficult time can be overwhelming – here are three suggestions to help you find healing.


#1: Lean on family members and friends

While your family and friends may not know the exact emotions you’re enduring, they understand what it’s like to grieve for a beloved pet. Sharing tales, photos, and videos of your pet with those closest to you is an incredible way to commemorate them. There are also various ways that everyone can remember your furry friend together: planting a tree or flower in their honor; giving back by volunteering at an animal shelter—all these things bring healing during this difficult time.


#2: Join an online pet loss support group

If you’ve experienced the pain of pet loss, Facebook groups are a great resource to help ease your burden. There’s more than one group dedicated to providing comfort and support – so regardless of how unique your experience may be, someone out there has also gone through it. Plus, with an ever-growing list of members across numerous pet loss groups, you can always count on having a shoulder to lean on during this difficult time.


Social media pet loss groups offer the gift of solace and anonymity. The members in these online communities understand your pain, and they will welcome you with a non-judgmental ear.


#3: Seek out professional grief counseling

Professional counselors can provide you with necessary emotional support during difficult times from the safety of your own home through telemedicine. These weekly meetings will give you an opportunity to explore the depths of your sorrow, construct a personalized strategy for managing grief, and ultimately discuss what lies ahead in the future.


During this devastatingly sorrowful time, our team is here to support you with limitless devotion. Lean on us as much as you need – we understand the magnitude of your heartache and anguish. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or worries; it’s our honor to help in any way that we can.